What lies in store on the hills behind Riccione?

Come discover our medieval villages.

A land rich in colours, history, and tradition is waiting for you even just a few miles away from the beaches and nightlife.
Whether by bike, bus, or car, you may reach the castles and villages around Riccione and let the fascinating landscapes and the intriguing stories strike your heart and make you dream. And why not do this over a scrumptious dish and a glass of good wine while admiring the sea on the horizon?

It is an offer you just can’t refuse!

  • Coriano (8 km/5 mi away from Camping Adria): visit the riverside natural park of Marano and the Rio Melo valley. Don’t forget to taste the local olives and Sangiovese wine!
  • San Clemente (13 km/8 mi away): embraced by the Malatesta age walls, this evocative town – also featuring a parish church designed by the pope’s architect – is absolutely worth a visit. Don’t miss out on the Sagra del Vino (wine festival) in May!
  • Gradara (14 km/8.7 mi away): the setting for the story of Paolo and Francesca (Divine Comedy), with its spectacular stronghold.
  • San Giovanni in Marignano (15 km/9.3 mi away): known as “the Malatestas’ granary”, in which to admire the Massari theatre, visit the churches of St.Lucia and St.Peter, and take part in the curious Festa delle Streghe (witch festival).
  • Gemmano (19 km/11.8 mi away): famous for the Onferno caves as well as the Sangiovese and Trebbiano wines.
  • Montecolombo (20 km/12.4 mi away): marvel at the 11th-century castle and the church of St. Martin hosting a painting by Brancaleoni. In the summer, the Sagra della Trippa e dello Strozzaprete (tripe and strozzapreti pasta festival) is a must.
  • Montefiore Conca (20 km/12.4 mi away): the Rocca di Luna fortress will leave you open-mouthed, and don’t miss the homonymous cultural festival, as well as the MangiarSano festival for healthy nutrition. Finally, the Sagra della Castagna (chestnut festival) will shock your taste buds.
  • Montescudo (21 km/13 mi away): a truly attractive fortress from the Malatesta age. The parish church of saints Biagio and Simon (12th century) hosts a beautiful wooden crucifix.
  • Santarcangelo di Romagna (25 km/15.5 mi away): one of the most beautiful towns in Romagna. Visit Monte Giove (Jupiter hill) and its Malatesta stronghold, or attend one of the numerous cultural and folkloristic events organized throughout the summer. The most famous is the Santarcangelo Drama Festival.
  • Saludecio (25 km/15.5 mi away): famous for the Salus Erbae (health in herbs) food festival and the Ottocento Festival (1800s festival) featuring music and drama performances.
  • Poggio Berni (28 km/17.4 km away): located between two rivers (the Uso and the Marecchia), it features the majestic Macrosanti Palace.
  • Montegridolfo (29 km/18 mi): visit the 1300s Malatesta castle and the church of St. Roch hosting a painting by Cagnacci.
  • Verucchio (29 km/18 mi): the Rocca del Sasso (stronghold of the rock) dominates the entire valley. Verucchio was the cradle of the Malatesta family and is rich in monuments and ancient stories. Make sure you visit the 10th-century parish church and the Verucchio Festival.
  • San Marino (33 km/20.5 mi): this little community is an independent nation, perched onto Monte Titano (mount Titan). Definitely walk the Percorso delle Tre Torri (three-tower route) and pay a visit to the Basilica del Santo, as well as the monastery of St. Claire with its exhibitions. Pay a visit during the traditional Palio delle Balestre Grandi (tournament of large crossbows)!
  • Torriana e Montebello (35 km/21.7 mi away): two little towns in green surroundings. The Mons Belli (Montebello) castle – a typical feudal structure – is stunning.
  • Talamello (41 km/25.5 mi): at the foot of mount Pincio. It is known for its chestnut forests and its castle, which was owned first by the Della Faggiola family, then the Malatesta.
  • Novafeltria (42 km/26 mi away, formerly known as Mercatino Marecchia): visit the nearby Sulphur Museum in Perticara, and the parish church of St. Mary in Vico.
  • San Leo (45 km/28 mi away): the town of Count Cagliostro and the fortress, once a prison, in which the Alchemist was detained. The little town was awarded the recognition as Art City.
  • Urbino (52 km/32.3 mi): a UNESCO World Heritage Site, birthplace of Raffaello Sanzio and supercharged with history and art. Palazzo Ducale, Piazza del Mercatale, Piazza Rinascimento, the Duomo, the National Art Gallery of the Marche region, Oratorio di S. Giuseppe, and Piazzale Roma. A true cradle of discovery, absolutely worth a visit!
  • Sant’Agata Feltria (55 km/34.2 mi): a beautiful township with evocative facets. Known as “the Christmas town”.
  • Pennabilli (58 km/36 mi away): birthplace of poet Tonino Guerra, and famous for its “Artisti in Piazza” (artists in the square) event. The village is included within the Sasso Simone e Simoncello regional park area.
  • Casteldelci (65 km/40.4 mi away): a jump back in time; this town delights visitors with the marvellous Gattara, Monte, and Campanaria towers. The Casa Museo (home-museum) is an interesting place to learn the history of the area from the Middle Ages onwards.