Do you have a 4-legged friend? Bring it along; we’ll be waiting for both of you in Riccione!

Enter our pet-friendly campsite!

Yes, “Rex” and “Lassie” are well welcome in Riccione! We have a myriad of services made to measure for them, but even a few “ground rules” to cohabit with the other guests at the campsite.

We developed a profile for the perfect 4-legged guest. To bring your pet with you, you should always:

  • show its pet health ID card;
  • not leave it unattended;
  • hold it on a leash, and carry a muzzle;
  • carry a pooper scooper and bag to collect its waste;
  • make sure none of the other guests is disrupted;
  • respect common areas, which your friend may not enter.

In order to safeguard a suitable cohabitation, we reserve the right to ask guests whose dogs show a particularly aggressive behaviour towards other dogs or people to leave the campsite.
We invite all our guests to pick up their animals’ faeces; it is an act of education and respect towards others and the environment, and is necessary to maintain a suitable level of decorum and hygiene.

When you arrive at Camping Adria, we will offer you a complementary bone-shaped bag dispenser to collect your dog’s waste. It will be given to you upon check-in.
In order to make your 4-legged friend’s stay as comfortable as possible, our campsite includes two dog parks. They are fenced so that the animals may run free and unleashed. Nevertheless, leaving the dogs unattended is not allowed. What about cleaning? You will find a shower designed purposely for them.

By order of the Rimini Port Authority, dog access to beaches that are not specifically equipped is forbidden, but in front of Camping Adria you will find dog-friendly beach resorts.
In particular, resort n° 32, at 150 m (492 ft.) from the campsite, includes fenced spaces where the dogs may be left unleashed, as well as beach umbrellas, beach chairs, dog bowls, and water fountains.

We’ll be waiting for you, Rex, and Lassie, for a truly unforgettable camping vacation!