Our four footed guests

Our aim is to provide an excellent holiday to all our guests, with or without a four footed friend.

To be able to do this we have issued a few strict rules that must be followed.

A dog is accepted providing the owner:

·        presents a valid health certificate on arrival

·        does not leave the animal unattended

·        always uses a lead and is in possession of a muzzle

·        provides and uses a trowel and plastic bag to collect any excrement from their dog

·        makes every effort to see that other guests do not have their peace or rest disturbed

·        agrees not to take a dog into communal areas.

Any dog showing aggression to other dogs or people will be expelled from the camping.

Camping Adria has two dog exercising areas, one for small dogs and the other for larger dogs.

The areas have been designed to allow dogs to run freely without a lead.

A dog is never permitted to be left unattended.

We also provide a proper shower for dogs.

By order of the Capitaneria di Porto di Rimini dogs are not permitted on the beach unless using the specially approved and equipped zones; close to Camping Adria the beach zones 32 and 33 are more than happy to accommodate our four footed friends.

Further information can be found on websites

Bagni 32 Secondo www.spiaggia32riccione.it

Bagni 33 Edo www.spiaggia33riccione.it


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